System Stack Debugger

This script provides a way for scripters or script users to debug any issues
related to SystemStackError. It prints out a log of the issue that should
be useful to anyone that understands what it’s saying.

It is highly recommended for anyone running into SystemStackError exceptions and is not sure what to do.


Script: download here
You may want to use the Full Error Stacktrace as well.


Place this script below Materials and above Main


You will use this script only when you encounter a SystemStackError exception.
To use this script, you simply need to add this line to your code


Where n is the number of method calls that are allowed to be made before
this script assumes there is a problem. If no value is provided, then it
assumes the default value specified in the configuration below.


We start by running into a SystemStackError without any special debugging scripts.


Using the Full Error Stacktrace, we look for a line to begin debugging the issue


Now we add the debug method above the line that was reported, and now we get a proper stacktrace.


You can use this information to help identify exactly what is causing the issue.

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