Item Affix Rarity


This script is an add-on for Item Rarity. It allows equips to inherit rarity from any affixes.

For example, if an item has a rarity level of 1, but then has a prefix with rarity level 4 added, the item’s rarity is now increased to 4 because of the prefix.


Script: download here
Required: Item Rarity, Item Affixes

This script is compatible with Instance Items


In the script editor, place this script below Item Affixes, Item Rarity, and above Main


Note-tag prefixes or suffixes with

<item rarity: x>

Where x is a number.
The rarity for the item will be automatically computed.

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5 Responses

  1. ProminentOne says:

    Hi Hime, line 63 has a problem and doesn't work when I test it.
    The message that shows up:

    Script 'Item Affix Rarity' line 63: NameError occured.
    undefined method 'make_item_rarity' for class 'RPG::EquipItem'


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