Category: Dev tools

Extended Common Events 5

Extended Common Events

This script replaces the way common events are created and managed. Instead of using the database to set up common events, you create a special “common event map” and all events on that map...

Reference Events 9

Reference Events

This script allows you to create events using a “reference event”. The purpose is to allow you to create an event once on a map and re-use it across multiple maps. This is useful when you...


Idle Party Events

This script allows you to set up “idle party” events. These are special events that appear when you have other parties on the same map. You can interact with idle parties the same way you would...

State Caster 6

State Caster

This script allows battlers to store a state’s caster, the battler that applied the state. If the state was applied through events or other means, then there is no caster. It is useful for scripts that...

Collision Map Overlay 4

Collision Map Overlay

This script draws the currently active collision map over the game map. It allows developers to test their passage settings with the collision map as reference.