Using MV Tools

In this article I wanted to discuss MV Tools for RPG Maker MV. I’m basically going to go through an overview of what they are, how you can use them, and some of my thoughts.

What are MV Tools?

KADOKAWA released three tools designed to be used with RPGMaker MV over the years called MADO, GENE, and SAKAN. They’re pretty alright I guess.

You can see them on Steam

MADO, for example, is a tool that allows you to build window skins for your game. But how does it work?

I basically bought it so that I can understand how these tools work and offer you this report.

Installing MV Tools

MV Tools are installed through the editor. Click on Tools from the menu and then select “RPGMaker MV Tools”

This brings up the MV Tools window. By default there will be nothing

You start by clicking “Select Path” and then going to the tool folder. For steam users, it will be located in your RPG Maker MV folder

By default there are 3 folders, but for you they’ll probably be empty. For me since I bought MADO, the editor will find it and display it in the list of “Found Tools”

Note that you need to actually “Add” the tool to the list above, cause all this does is show you a list of tools that the editor found.

Now that it’s added, when you press OK, you should see a new icon in your editor:

When you click on the tool, it will automatically launch the tool. In this case, I installed MADO, the “Window Builder”, which looks like this

It’s actually just a fancy windowskin builder. You basically choose different parts to customize how you want different windows to look. You have the “Talk” window which is the message window, then you have your main menu, battle menu, and “other”.

Can We Make Our Own MV Tools?

So now that you’ve seen the basics of MV Tools, this might be a natural question. For me anyways.

And the answer is…YES, you can build your own MV Tools. I will go over that in the next article…right here!

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  1. AMDol says:

    I sort of wish you’d go into more details about each of the apps, how to use them, what they can do and what their limitations are.

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