Message Pause Cursor

By default, when a message has finished displaying all of the words and is waiting for player input, a little animated cursor is shown to indicate that the player should press the confirm button to proceed.

However, this cursor is stored inside the windowskin, which gives you enough freedom to have one 24×24 cursor with 4 frames of animation. You also cannot choose where the cursor should appear, or how fast it should animate.

With this plugin, you are given more control over that pause cursor.

  • You can change how it looks!
  • You can change where it’s positioned!
  • You can change how fast it animates!

What kind of cursor will you create?


Plugin: download here (right-click, save-as)

If you’re looking for some pause cursors, here are some sites:


Download ths plugin and place it in the “plugins” folder in your project’s “js” folder. Then open your Plugin Manager (F10), double-click an empty row, and select the HIME_MessagePauseCursor plugin.

Once it is in your list of plugins, turn the plugin on.


Create an image called “MessagePauseCursor” and save it in the img/system folder of your project.


This image is broken down into a grid. Each row represents a single cursor. Each column represents an animation frame for that cursor.

Each frame can be of any width or height, but all frames must have the same width and height. You can have any number of frames per cursor, but all cursors must have the same number of frames.

Once you have set up your pause cursor image, go to the plugin manager and for this plugin “Hime_MessagePauseCursor”, specify how many rows there are and how many frames there are in each row.


Here is an example that I have prepared for you to use.


Changing Cursors

To change which cursor is shown, you can use the script call

$gameMessage.setCursorId( NUMBER )

Where the NUMBER is the ID of the cursor. The first cursor at the top is number 1. The second is number 2. So if you wanted to change to cursor 2, you would make the script call


Changing Alignment

Alignment determines where the cursor is positioned in the window. To change the alignment, use the script call

$gameMessage.setCursorAlign( ALIGNMENT )

You have three options for the ALIGNMENT

‘center’ – center of window, at the bottom
‘left’ – lower-left corner of the window
‘right – lower right corner of the window

For example, to move the cursor to the right, use


Changing Animation Speed

To change the animation speed, use the script call

$gameMessage.setCursorSpeed( SPEED )

Where the SPEED is a number between 1 and probably 24. The higher the number, the faster it is. You can experiment with each number to see how fast they are.

For example, to set the speed to 8, use the script call


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46 Responses

  1. S says:

    Hi! Is there a way to change the position more exactly? I want it to show up right on the edge of the text box (integrated into its design) but it doesn’t quite go over all the way. Is there a way to fix this? Thanks!

    • S says:

      Spoke too soon, I fixed it. By changing the line 223: “this._windowPauseSignSprite.anchor.x = 0.5;” to “this._windowPauseSignSprite.anchor.x = 0;” the cursor now sits right against the edge (it has transparency so it’s not right against it visually, just practically.)

  2. Renko says:

    For anyone who couldn’t get the cursor to appear, it would only appear after going into the menu once. I replaced the loadSystemImages function (line 157) with loadSystemWindowImage so that it loads properly now:

    var TH_SceneBoot_loadSystemWindowImage = Scene_Boot.prototype.loadSystemWindowImage;
    Scene_Boot.prototype.loadSystemWindowImage = function() {;

  3. ArianTerra says:

    It does not work for me. I just downloaded the plugin and image, then I installed the plugin and nothing happened. Actually, my standard cursor disappeared. I checked my plugin settings, but everything is ok. Please help me and sorry for my bad English =)

  4. Luis says:

    Hello Hime! I am getting the following error:

    HIME_MessagePauseCursor.js:154 Uncaught TypeError: Cannot read property ‘toLowerCase’ of undefined

    Any idea? The game doe sload, but the cursor does not work, and I see this message displayed on console.

  5. Anonymous says:

    Doesn’t work at all. not on new project or old project. Seems par for the cource with this guys plugins. They sound cool but never really work right.

  6. Adam says:

    Hey, Hime, I posted this on your YouTube video of this but thought I’d post it here too:
    Your plugin isn’t working for some reason. I’ve tested it in a fresh project and no message pause cursor/animation is showing up on messages.

    • Adam says:

      Nevermind that, I missed the part where it was an extension of your message system.

      • Steve says:

        Can you please clarify that? I have an old project where this plugin is working perfectly. When trying to do it again in a brand new one, absolutely no cursor shows up no matter what I do. I have the settings and image exactly the same as my old working project, but it just doesn’t want to work in the new one.

        Is there some extra message plugin we need to download to make it work now? I don’t see any mention of that in the video or on this page.

        Tried both v1.1 (the one in my working, old project) and v1.2 from this site, and neither work in the new project. I recently updated my RPG Maker to v1.3.3 so I don’t know if that’s causing the conflict?

        Thanks for any help you can offer!

        • Adam says:

          Sorry for the late response. I didn’t actually try that. It just didn’t work for me and when I came to re-read the thread I saw he had a message system plugion and figured that’s why it wasn’t working.

  7. Xavy says:

    When I start to talk to the actor i’ve set the script the game says :

    • Xavy says:

      (I posted an img in the last comment but I can’t view it so I think I did something wrong, anyway
      the game says :
      undefined is not a function”.)

  8. Val says:

    Great plugin that add a layer of quality in game 😀

  9. Casey Ford says:

    Are you planning on releasing the Message box over Events plugin? That reminds me of the comic style feature from Ccoa’s message system from RMXP. I loved that feature and miss it greatly. It also made the box fit the words. It made the game look slimmer. I really can’t stand the message box as it is by default. It’s so bulky.

    I have a copy of Ccoa’s Message System Script from RMXP if you want to peruse it for idea’s or inspiration.

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