Custom Death States

In RPGMaker MV, the default death state is the first state in your database. When this state is applied, a battler (enemy or actor) is considered to be dead.


During battle, when all enemies have the death state applied, the actors are victorious. When all actors have the death state applied, they will be defeated.
Outside of battle, if all actors have the death state applied, game over.

But what happens if you wanted other states to be considered death states? For example, if all actors are petrified, then the game ends. Or if all actors fall asleep, then the game ends.

This plugin allows you to designate additional states as “death” states. Unlike the normal death state, actors won’t lose all HP/MP, but they will still be considered dead.


Plugin: download here (right-click and save-as)

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Download the plugin and place it in the “plugins” folder in your project’s “js” folder. Then open your Plugin Manager (F10), double-click an empty row, and select the HIME_CustomDeathStates plugin.

Once it is in your list of plugins, turn the plugin on.




To designate whether a state should be considered a death state or not, go to the states in the database and write this note-tag in their note-box:

<custom death state>

And you’re ready to go!

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64 Responses

  1. Marcus says:

    Could a part be added to make a specified state actually act as another death state, like to be able to choose a state/s that remove all hp and counts it as a actual death, I’m trying to make a death magic like in the final fantasy series where enemies can have a resist probability to the state, I tried making the magic add the default knockout state but enemies who can resist it would have the same chances of dying even if you’d attack it normally and whittle its health down to 0

    • Marcus says:

      Or make a quick script making states allowed to Add/Remove HP/MP/TP by constant or variable when the state is first inflicted to the target

  2. PacFan13 says:


    Needed this for one of my games.

  3. Blaze says:

    Can this be used to where instead of triggering a game over, it simply applies a state at 0 HP? I’m trying to use your Party Manager to make a summoning system akin to Final Fantasy X.

  4. sirkos says:

    problem is everything works but the state with the tag just acts like death making the character into death sprite and red hp text can it just be where its not red text on hp?

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