Timer Pause

Do you need your timer to temporarily stop counting down, but you still want it to show up on the screen?

This plugin provides you with two script calls that will allow you to easily pause and resume the game timer!


Plugin: download here (right-click, save-as)


Download the plugin and place it in the “plugins” folder in your project’s “js” folder. Then open your Plugin Manager (F10), double-click an empty row, and select the HIME_TimerPause plugin.

Once it is in your list of plugins, turn the plugin on.


To pause the timer, use the script call


To resume the timer, use the script call


Note that this can be used on any Game_Timer object.

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1 Response

  1. Lisette Kolk says:

    firstly. your plugins are great! Loving it.
    Could you, by any chance …tell me the difference between a script call and a plugin command?
    (at first i thought i had to use a plugin command because it was a plugin….the script didnt work…)

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