Placeholder Equip Parameters


This script was created in response to a request by Rebecca Paliwoda over at forums.

By default, when you put an equip on, the equips parameters are transferred from the equip to the actor. For example, if a long sword provides 20 ATK bonus, then any actors that are holding the sword will receive a 20 ATK bonus.

Using this script, you can create a placeholder equip that will pull parameters from other equips depending on which actor uses it.

If a long sword provides swordsmen with 20 ATK bonus, but provides mages with 5 ATK bonus, then the appropriate ATK bonus will be applied depending on who is holding it.


Script: download here


In the script editor, place this script below Materials and above Main


For each weapon and armor, use the note-tag

<actor equip: ACTOR_ID, EQUIP_ID>

Where the ACTOR_ID is the ID of the actor that is using the weapon or wearing the armor, and the EQUIP_ID is the ID of the weapon or armor that it should read parameters from.

Class-based equip parameters are also available, using the note-tag

<class equip: CLASS_ID, EQUIP_ID>

Note that if both actor and class ID’s exist for an equip, then the actor’s ID will be used since it is more specific and therefore has higher precedence.

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