Running Common Events Across Different Scenes

The Scene Interpreter allows you to run common events in any scene that you want. For example, when you use an item that calls a common event, by default it would take you back to the map before the common event runs. With the scene interpreter, you can run the common event directly in the item scene.

It is now upgraded to support running common events across different scenes. By default, common events will pause once you leave the scene and may resume when you return; for example, opening a menu and then returning to the map.

You can see a demonstration of what I mean by watching this video:

In addition to simply running common events across multiple scenes, two script calls are also provided that allows you to limit the player’s control in the menu. In particular, when you are showing an explanation, you may not want the player to move around the menu or go to other scenes.

To freeze windows, use the script call


When you want to return control to the player again, use the script call


Since the entire process is a common event, you can make it behave the way YOU want it to behave.

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3 Responses

  1. Lamphrey says:

    Ahhh, this is such a cool tutorial example!
    I’d sell my nose to be able to see the events in the demo behind this.

    I mean, I get how to do the first part, ie pausing the screen, showing text, unpausing the screen waiting a few seconds, then pausing and talking.

    But what I have difficulty grasping is the second part, of how the event moves from scene to scene, like to the item scene, and then back to menu.
    Whats scriptcalls do that? I know there’s a default event option to open Menu screen, and open Save screen, but aside from that I don’t see any way to do this.

    If you don’t want to make the demo public I understand, but would you mind maybe a screenshot of which scriptcalls you used to move from menu to menu and then back, and then closing the menu?
    I’d be super grateful, and I’m sorry to bother with asking! T_T

    • Hime says:

      I don’t remember where I put the project.

      I used the Scene Interpreter script which allows you to show messages in other scenes such as the menu.

      Script calls are used to go to different scenes. You can say

      To go to the item scene or equip scene.
      By using, you can also “return” to the previous scene using


      Because the event is still running, you can continue to display messages in the new scene.

      • Lamphrey says:

        Ah yes -I’m familiar with your coolio Scene Interpreter script, I used that just the other day to add an extra option to my Item menu that when pressed runs a common event that does the “gotomap” or whatever scriptcall and then runs Galv’s Use item on event. Good stuff!

        Thanks for taking the time to explain, it sounds so simple when you say it! I guess I’m just not used to being allowed to freely control and swap between menu scenes by an event, feels a little strange haha
        And thanks for all the amazing work you’re always doing for the community!

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