TP Damage Type

This script allows you to create skills or items that perform TP related damage types. You can directly damage a target’s TP, or recover the target’s TP, or even drain the target’s TP.



Script: download here


In the script editor, place this script below Materials and above Main


Note-tag your skills or items with the following tags to set the appropriate damage type.

<tp damage>
<tp drain>
<tp recover>

This script simply replaces the damage type in the damage type dropdown. You will still need to specify a damage formula.

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6 Responses

  1. Jatopian says:

    I think it’s worth mentioning here that if one wishes to use this script along with Yanfly’s Ace Battle Engine, this script must be higher in the list.

  2. SFinx says:

    This script does not work for me, even in a new project with no other custom scripts. I do not know what I could be doing wrong. Is there a working example I could examine, or any known common mistakes?

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