Exp Tables


This script allows you to manage your EXP tables using external tools such as spreadsheet programs or text editors.

There are two ways to manage EXP: Actor EXP tables, and Class EXP tables. All data is stored in external files so you can easily transfer them between games.


Script: download here


These are pre-made exp tables that you can download and modify for your own project.

Actor Exp Table
Class Exp Table


In the script editor, place this script below Materials and above Main
Place all exp table files in your Data folder.


Start by downloading the appropriate Exp Table templates from the download page. The tables by default should be placed in your Data folder, but you can change this in the configuration section.

To set up the exp tables, just fill each row. All rows must be filled if you are using exp tables for an actor or class.

If you are using a spreadsheet program such Microsoft Excel or OpenOffice Spreadsheet, it is easy to edit the files: simply open it as a csv file and you’re ready to go.

If you are using a regular text editor, you will need to remember to follow the csv format.

Column Headers

The column headers are the names of your actors and classes rather than ID’s.
For the class EXP table, each column header is the name of your class.
For the actor EXP table, each column header is the name of your actor.

Exp Per Level

For each row, the number represents the total amount of EXP required to reach that level, not the exp required to reach the next level. Therefore, if you write


Then the amount of exp required to go from level 2 to 3 is 200 (because you will have 100 exp by the time you are level 2).

You should complete the table up to the max level + 1.

If your game crashes while comparing exp, it’s because your exp tables
are not setup properly.


In the class exp table, your first line should look like

;Soldier;Monk; ...

For each row afterwards, you start with the level, followed by exp required
for each class

1;0;0; ...
2;100;100; ...
3;200;250; ...

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14 Responses

  1. Kein says:

    I got a problem my third actor doesn't get the EXP;
    I set up the actor_exp and class_exp for my third and still no changes (95 EXP) and only 50 EXP. is there a fix for this?

    • Hime says:

      The tables use actor/class names. Are you sure those are set correctly?

      • Kein says:

        Yes, I am 100% accurate when I type actor/class name in the first row

        Actor One (Ralph) <b>70 EXP</b>
        Actor Two (John) <b>80 EXP</b>
        Actor Three (Regardless the name/class) <i>exp based on class settings</i> and not <b>EXP CSV (Class/Actor)</b> and I tried with class and still have no effect and it's EXP equally same as class setting and not from exel CSV
        I could give you the current EXP table so you can test the other 2 seems fine, but third regardless number I move have no effect

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