Class Graphics

This script allows you to change an actor’s face and character graphics
depending on the actor’s current class. Each class that your actor can change
to can potentially have its own set of faces and character graphics.



Script: download here


Place this script below Materials and above Main


Note-tag actors with

<class face: class_id face_name face_index>
<class char: class_id char_name char_index>


`class_id` is the ID of the class you are assigning the face/char to
`face_name` is the name of the face graphic to use
`face_index is the index of the specific face on the face graphic
`char_name` is the name of the character graphic to use
`char_index` is the index of the specific character on the graphic

You can setup note-tags for each class that the character can change to.

The indexes are 1-based, so for example suppose you have the following face sheet (Ace specifications, 8 faces per sheet). The indexes are assigned as


So assuming this sheet is stored as “Actor10” and we wanted to assign the two faces depending on whether we are class 1 or 2, we would have the following note-tags for an actor:

<class face: 1 Actor10 2>
<class face: 2 Actor10 8>

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4 Responses

  1. Soul says:

    Help me, i put your script on my game, and i use comon events to change
    my character graphic and i change,and the event graphic disapear,and i get back to
    the first…. e.e My english is a crap xD

    Ayudame,puse tu script en mi juego, y todo funciona perfecto,pero cuando
    deseo cambiar el grafico de mi personaje con un evento,no por clase,el personaje
    desaparece al dar 3.4 etc pasos,y vuelve a mi character normal.
    Ejemplo= Item que me transforma en lobo y cambia el grafico del personaje,
    Lo uso y al momento vuelvo a ser normal… Ayuda,gracias.

  2. Anonymous says:

    What if we have more than 8 classes?

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