Encounter Alert


This script displays an encounter balloon over your player character on the map whenever you are about to encounter a random battle monster. When this balloon is displayed, the player can choose to skip the random encounter by pressing a specific button.

This only applies to random encounters.


Script: Download here
Get a demo here!

You will also need this spritesheet. Place it inside your Graphics/System folder



Configuration Options

There are several configuration options, though the defaults should be fine for most purposes.

  • Skip_Key: the key to press to skip a battle, if possible
  • Disable_Menu: disables menu access when the encounter balloon is displayed
  • Disable_Movement: disables player movement when the encounter balloon is displayed
  • Play_SE: allows you to play a sound effect when you encounter a random battle
  • Encounter_SE: the sound effect that will be played, if enabled

Skip Condition

Each troop comes with a “skip condition”, which is a special condition
associated with the troop that determines whether your party can skip
the battle or not.

To set up a skip condition:

  1. Create an event page for the troop
  2. The first command must be a comment, with the line
    <skip condition>
  3. The second command is a conditional branch, which you will use to specify
    the skip condition


Whenever a random encounter appears, the colour of the balloon determines
whether you can skip the battle or not: if it is red, then you can’t skip.
If it is blue, then you can skip. The skip condition must be met in order
for the balloon to be blue. If no skip condition is specified, then it is
assumed to be not skippable.


Encounter Points

In order to skip battles, you must have enough “encounter points”. The encounter points are stored with the game party, and tied to a variable of your choice.

In the configuration, you can set the max amount of encounter points the party can have using a formula.

Each troop may require a certain amount of encounter points in order to skip.
If you choose to skip the battle, then your encounter points will decrease
by that amount.


To specify the amount of encounter points is required to skip a battle:

  1. In the same troop page that you used for the skip condition
  2. Create a comment “<encounter points>”
  3. Create a “control variable” command, and use the script box to set the

    amount of encounter points required. This is a formula.


Encounter Level

In addition to encounter points, a party also has an encounter level.
This can be used in the encounter points formula.

You can change the encounter level using script calls


For some integer x

Disabling encounter skipping

You can disable the encounter balloon option by making a script call


If disabled, random encounters will be processed as usual.

The Encounter Balloon

This script requires an “encounter balloon” spritesheet for the actual balloon animation. The script by default uses the one up there.

You may create your own balloon animation easily:

  1. Modify the default ones
  2. Create your own animation sequence, and update the balloon settings in the configuration as required

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8 Responses

  1. VideoPortal says:

    Self-monitoring take place as the database performs its regular operation, ensuring that the database is aware of problems as they arise. Oracle Database can send a server-generated alert to notify you of an impending problem.

  2. RogueDeus says:

    **Format Correction**

    …regardless of the players current [encounter points]?

  3. RogueDeus says:

    I have done everything you say to implement this.
    The balloons work.
    The conditionals, and the points requirements work.
    I am getting the blue balloon, yet no matter what key I bind the skip event to, it never skips the battle…

    To make sure I am doing this correctly… When the balloon shows up, I am supposed to hit the ‘c’ or ‘C’ key (if the Skip_Key = :C) and the battle should never process, and any cost is subtracted from the (Points_Var) value. Correct?

    To clarify, the actual variable used in the ‘Control Variables’ action of the event page doesn’t matter, and I can set it to ‘0’ if I want the encounter to always be escapable, regardless of the players current ?

    • Tsukihime says:

      All key configurations I use are “game key” settings. You can look these up by hitting F1 while the game is running and going to the “Keyboard” tab. The “C” key by default is bound to the Z and ENTER keys. When you skip the encounter, it will deduct the appropriate cost from the designated variable.

      Yes, if the encounter skip cost is 0, you can always skip it, even if you have 0 points. Note that your points will never go below 0.

      • RogueDeus says:

        Thanks for taking the time to clarify that! I keep forgetting that the game is meant to be played with a game pad… Everything is good now.

        I hope I am not bothering you with my ignorance.

        • Tsukihime says:

          It shows that my instructions are probably unclear and assume users know as much about RM scriptng as I do, which is an unreasonable assumption. It is not hard to include “Z key on keyboard” for example.

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