Utils: Party Level

This script provides several utility functions for working with party levels.
You can get information such as

  • Leader level
  • Max level
  • Min level
  • Median level
  • Mode level
  • Mean level


Script: download here


Place this script below Materials and above Main


The following methods are available to Game_Party objects.

   leader_level - returns the level of the current party's leader
   max_level    - returns the highest level in the party
   min_level    - returns the lowest level in the party
   mode_level   - returns the level that occurs the most frequent
   mean_level   - returns the average level
   median_level - returns the meadian level

Note that these methods operate on all members, not just the active battle
members. If you want it to check whether you are in battle or not, set
All_Member_Mode to false.

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