Sell Only Shop

This script allows you to create a shop that only allows the player to sell things
to the shop.

You can setup your shop to only take specific items, and you can set up the sell
prices of any item.


Script: download here
Required: Shop Manager


Place this script below the Shop Manager.
In the interpreter, before the “Shop Processing” command, make a script call

@shop_type = "SellOnlyShop"

In your shop processing editor, you can choose which items you want to be able to sell, and the sell prices. If you don’t need item filtering, just check the “purchase only” box and the player can sell almost anything they want.

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5 Responses

  1. maxiusagi says:

    is it possible to limit the number of item that i can sell on the shop with this script?

  2. Would it be possible to add the item price next to the item name? Like it’s shown in the “Buy” menu. It’s a bit annoying to click on items just to see what they’re worth.

  3. CT_Bolt says:

    Works like a charm (after I updated the ShopManager). Thank you!

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