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Placeholder Maps 0

Placeholder Maps

This script allows you to create “placeholder maps”, which are maps that are meant to be replaced with other maps when you load the map. It uses something called a “replace map formula”, which is just...

Collision Map Overlay 2

Collision Map Overlay

This script draws the currently active collision map over the game map. It allows developers to test their passage settings with the collision map as reference.


Collision Maps

This script allows you to replace your tile passage settings with a collision map. Collision maps are optional; a map can use the default tile passage settings. However, you can only choose between one or the...


Region Fog

This script allows you to control fog of war using region tiles.  Each map can assign multiple different regions of fog. Different fog regions are separate from one another. Script calls are used to show...


Overlay Map Zoom

This script is an add-on for the Overlay Maps script. It allows you to set up individual map zoom levels for each overlay map, allowing you to provide depth perception.

Update: Properly looped overlay maps 0

Update: Properly looped overlay maps

I have implemented a major update to Overlay Maps. Previously, if your overlay map was smaller than the current map, it will automatically loop itself throughout the map as far as it could. With...