RPG Maker MV 1.2.0 Update

A new version of RPG Maker MV is now available! You can access the download links from the official forum topic.

Download Options

A new version of the full editor is available for download at 500+ MB.
For existing users, you can grab the 1.2.0 updater instead, which is only 36 MB in size!

Before you Update

The updater will modify the generator folder in your MV installation. If you have custom generator parts, you may want to create a back-up so that the update won’t overwrite any files that have the same name.

Updating your Project

Some files in the base project have been updated. However, existing projects are not updated automatically.

To update your project with the latest files, go to the NewData folder where you installed MV and

  1. Copy the JS files to your project, except the plugins file
  2. Copy any modified resources to your own folder if you are using them

Here’s what the update comes with, from the official topic.

List of Fixes

– Fixed Editor Tooltips appearing on the wrong monitor when using a multiple monitor setup.
– Fixed a bug with animations that caused it to hide the target wrong.
– Fixed a bug with memory leaks in the tiling sprite.
– Fixed an issue with copying and pasting on IME keyboards.
– Picture Rotation Event Command is now be able to rotate pictures counterclockwise using negative values.
– Fixed a bug in resource manager that made it so files would not be overwritten if you imported a file with the same name.
– Fixed a faceset image in People3.png
– Fixed loop information in default music .m4a (03_Battle_Against_the_Demon, 03_Fountain_of_Solace, 03_Otherworldly_Corridor, 03_Party_at_the_Royal_Palace, Field2, Town3)

New Features

– Implemented editor DPI Scaling on Windows.
– Implemented Refresh Button for Plugin Manager.
– Implemented Map zooming with CTRL + Mouse Scroll Wheel
– Implemented Resource Manager DLC Button (Steam Only)
– Implemented Batch Selection in resource manager including Batch file deletion and batch file importing.
 Added two new features in Tools -> Options. Details below:


– Map Grid Options. This is a feature from VXAce where it gives you a rough guideline on what the In-Game Camera shows.
– UI Themes (Dark, High Contrast Black and High Contrast White theme)


– The top left tile in the “B” tileset is changed to always be a “Star” passability. This is to ensure collisions work right.


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