RPG Maker MV Version 1.1.0 Upgrade



A new version of RPG Maker MV has been released. You can read the official announcements on the RMW forums or on Steam, depending on which one you use.

The new version comes with a number of changes, including

  1. Bug fixes
  2. Editor improvements
  3. New generator parts
  4. New plugins

Developers that are using Steam will have the files automatically installed, while those using the offline version will need to download a version updater and manually install it. Check the forum thread for links.

Upgrading Existing Projects

The upgrade comes with three types of changes

  1. Changes to the editor
  2. Changes to the scripts
  3. Changes to the character generator

To enjoy the new editor changes, simply open the new editor and you should be able to use them.

In order to update the scripts, would require you to manually update your project. The easiest way to do this would be

  1. Create a new project
  2. Open the project folder
  3. Go to the JS folder
  4. Copy all of the files and folders EXCEPT plugins.js
  5. Replace the files in your current project’s JS folder

Alternatively, you can go to the program’s folder, go to the New Data folder, and grab the JS files from there.

Changes to the generator may cause problems if you have added new files to the generator. Specifically, it will replace files that have the same name, or it may conflict with some of your generator parts.

Change Log

Here is a list of changes that have been made.

Fixed Issues

  • Fixed Paste Last Bug in the Animation Editor.
  • Fixed Canvas Mode: Change Parallax Bug.
  • Fixed Faceset Distortion when changing resolution.
  • Fixed Battle Crash when the Damage Formula Box is empty.
  • Fixed Monitor FPS Issue.
  • Fixed Movement Route changes are saved even when cancelled.
  • Fixed an issue that caused: If you have any changes in Plugin Manager and directly close the windows in the title bar (not by Cancel/Esc), the changes will be committed.
  • Fixed Pixi Add/Multiply/Screen commands in WebGL mode!
  • Fixed States removed when failing to escape battle
  • Fixed Scroll Bar in Show Text when Batch Entry is checked
  • Fixed the position of index in ImageSelector.
  • Fixed Save deleting bug when a game fails to save (now uses a backup and restore system)
  • Fixed Actors set to auto battle will only heal the first actor in the party
  • Fixed Remember Command selects the wrong skill
  • Fixed Autotiles don’t function the same as RMVXAce.
  • Fixed Sideview Battler Bug: Guard Pose
  • Fixed an issue that caused database JSON files (specifically Actor.json) to not automatically update when some changes are made (specifically Equipment Types)

Implemented Features

  • Implemented Onion Skin in Animation Editor.
  • Implemented Plugin Help Everywhere.
  • Re-implemented RPG Maker 2003’s Class change option: Keep Level feature.
  • Implemented Message Box and Plugin Parameters IconSet Viewer.
  • Implemented Confirmation Dialogue on Event, Database and Plugin Manager Cancel
  • Reimplemented the Resource Manager
  • Implemented Return Home/End Buttons in RMMV for navigating event pages
  • Implemented a tool to remove unused resource from a project
  • Additional Generator Parts
  • Additional Plugins: Slotmachine, TouchUI, Gachabook, Gacha and NovelMessage
  • Resources compressed

Let’s take a look at some of the new features!

Cancel Confirmation

The long-awaited “Are you sure you want to cancel?” confirmation has finally been added to the editor.

Exclude Unused Resources

Previously, when you deploy a project, everything that’s in your resource folders will be included, even if they’re not used. With the new update, you can now choose to exclude unused resources, which should help lower the filesize if you didn’t want to manually remove them yourself!

Plugin Help Window

A new “Plugin Help” feature that allows you to quickly look up your plugins’ help descriptions when you’re in the database or the map property editor. Just press F1 while you’re in those screens to bring it up.

Keep Exp on Class Change

For those that require class changing in the game, you might remember there was an issue where you couldn’t keep the actor’s level upon changing classes.

This has been resolved:

Animations and Onion-Skinning

For the animators out there, we have a nice addition to the animation editor: onion skinning. For those that aren’t sure what it is, here’s a little diagram

Return of the Resource Manager

Those that aren’t used to having to manually add files to their folders, might welcome the return of this resource manager:

Icon Editor Shortcuts

Messages and plugin parameters have a little upgrade for those that find themselves closing everything just to look up the icon index. Right-click  in the text area to see the new option.

Pixi Upgrade

For the scripters, MV now uses pixi 2.2.10. Maybe we’ll get to 3.0.10 at some point!

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  1. caoxz says:

    well were i can find the crack 4 this vercion

  2. Kevin Frost says:

    Great article! I love hearing about the new changes in the update! I do have a question though (that may sound stupid). What is Gachabook, Gacha and NovelMessage? Is it a new way to display text?

    • Hime says:

      Gacha(pon) is that lottery-type machine where you insert a coin and a capsule drops out with a little item inside.
      Gachabook is just a list of all of the items you received from it.

      NovelMessage I’m not sure since I don’t see a demo.

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