[Update] Party Manager – Checking Location

The party manager has been updated to support location checking.

Having parties at different positions is nice, but in order to really use them for puzzles, you need to be able to check exactly where they are, and build your events based on it.

There are two ways to check party locations

1. Checking position.

For example, if you wanted to know if party 2 is at position (2, 14) on the map, you could do that with

Party.atLocation(2, 2, 14)

You could even check if they are at a position on a different map. For example, to check if party 2 is at position (2, 14) on map 9.

Party.atLocation(2, 2, 14, 9)

Of course, if you didn’t require a specific party to be at that position, you could check if ANY party was at that location. For example, to check if ANY party is at position (14, 15) on the current map, you could write

Party.anyAtLocation(14, 15)

Pass in a map ID if you want to check a different map.

2. Checking region.

If you had multiple tiles that would satisfy a requirement, you can potentially use region checking for that.

To check if party 3 is at a region 5, use the script call

Party.atRegion(3, 5)

To check if ANY party is at region 5, just write


Unfortunately, you can’t specify a different map to check. It always assumes the current map.

You can get the party manager at its release page here.

What can you do with location checking?

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62 Responses

  1. Nina888 says:

    The trade with the plugin don’t work correctly …
    I will give all my inventory but if make 99 item A for have the maximum like have 15 item A in my inventory for the team 1 i have 99 and no just the amont of item A of 15.
    The money trade work perfectly for switching team .
    Can you do a update for did it (the switching inventory don’t work too with my game)

  2. Kittipath Prasartkaew says:

    How did you assign the Party.switch(2) and Party.switch(1) commands to P key? How did you even assign it to any keys at all. I honestly can’t figure it out :/

  3. Kloe says:

    Can you make a demo of a basic button switch door thing? I still can’t get my head around it :/

    • Hime says:

      There are several ways to do it.

      You can create a parallel process on the door that checks whether the party is at a specific location or not.
      For example, let’s say your button switch is a tile on the ground with region 4. You can have a conditional branch that reads


      If they are, then you would do something to open the door, like switch to a different page that represents the “open” door.

      The other page then checks whether the party is NOT at that region, which is basically just the same condition except negated:


      Notice the exclamation mark.
      Once this condition is met, the page would switch back to the “closed” door page.

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