Follower Event Touch

In RPG Maker, the “event touch” trigger allows you to create events that will execute when they touch the player.

“Touch” means when they try to move in a certain direction, but are unable to move because there is something blocking the way. In this case, the only object they check for is the player.

If one of the player’s followers is in the way, they will not be able to move, but they won’t run their commands either.

With this plugin, you can have events triggered when they touch either the player or the player’s followers.


Plugin: download here (right-click, save-as)

RMVX Ace version: click here


Download ths plugin and place it in the “plugins” folder in your project’s “js” folder. Then open your Plugin Manager (F10), double-click an empty row, and select the HIME_FollowerEventTouch plugin.

Once it is in your list of plugins, turn the plugin on.


To have an event triggered when they touch a follower, set their trigger type to “event touch”, and then create a comment and write

<follower touch>

Whenever the event touches a *visible* follower, the event will also run.

Here is an example of an event that will display a message when it touches a follower:



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6 Responses

  1. Angelus says:

    I do everything the same and it doesn’t work for me.

  2. Ken says:

    How can I set different event trigger when touch different follower.?
    I have more than 1 follow
    For example
    Touch follower 1 will show text 1
    Touch follower 2 will show text 2

  3. Anonymous says:

    Hey, has this been updated since 1.3.1?

  4. Mari says:

    Oh, this is great 🙂 in my game the party can play tag with a little girl and I thought it strange she could only catch the leader. This plugin makes it more logical, indeed :). Thanks for making this!

  5. Val says:

    Wow I’m so stupid! I was looking for that one Thank you I cant wait to try this out thx thx thx!

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