RMDC #2: Choice Pictures


You are a new adventurer and have been asked to visit the weapon store to receive your first weapon. When you arrive at the store and talk to the owner, she asks you what you want to use. You are then presented with a few options…but how are these options displayed?


The RMDev Challenge is a series of articles that presents a problem for RPG Maker developers and the objective is to find a solution.

The purpose is to engage RPG Maker developers in some (possibly practical) problem-solving that will allow them to explore more of what the engine has to offer, and also to see how others implement the same solution.


The rules are simple:

  • Your solution must run in RPG Maker
  • You may use any version of RPG Maker
  • You may do anything to solve the problem (eventing, scripting, pictures, etc)
  • The scenario provided is just a guideline. You do not have to follow it. All that matters is the requirements of the challenge.

You may present your solution however you wish (comment, blog post, video, etc) and wherever you wish, but I ask that you leave a link back to this article if you are sharing a solution on external sites. I also recommend sharing the solution on external sites and leaving a link in the comments because the comment section is too small for details. Remember: you want to share with others your solution.

A list of submissions will be updated at the end of this post, so if you want me to include a link, leave it in the comments or send me a message.


In RPG Maker, one of the ways to present choices is to use the “Show Choices” event command. This allows you to display a choice selection to the player that looks something like this


Depending on which option you choose, the store owner will give you a different weapon.

However, depending on how you want to present your game, having a list of options to choose from is unsuitable. Instead, you may want to display a set of choices as a collection of pictures. It might look, instead, like this


How would you provide a selection of choices to the player using a set of pictures?


Here are some pictures to get you started. You do not need to use them. Each picture is 128×128, so crop them out as needed.


Here are the original sources for the images along with their licensing details:

Stave: https://www.iconfind…steel_tool_icon
Bow: http://www.clker.com…art-267011.html

Other Comments

The next challenge will build on this challenge, so if you have a working solution, consider holding on to it.

You are encouraged to discuss techniques and solutions with other developers. A discussion topic is available on the official RPG Maker forums.


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