Create Your Own Pause Screen

Here’s a video tutorial that demonstrates how to create your own pause screen using events.

Note that the video shows a script call like this:


Thinking about it again, it is not necessary to update Graphics. It probably isn’t correct either since updating Graphics would increase the frame count, and some scripts use frame count as a way to calculate time (meaning, time would still be running for certain mechanics even when the game is paused).

The game timer is not affected by this though since it does not rely on the frame count.

Picture Layering

A more pressing issue is the fact that the pause picture would appear under other sprites such as the timer sprite, or any windows that are currently open. This is an inherent limitation of event pictures.

This would be another use case where the introduction of “some scripts” to change a picture’s Z-level would necessary depending on when the pause screen can be called.

This script may be useful:

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