Scene Event Animations

This script is an add-on for the Scene Interpreter. It allows you to display various screen effects such as

  •  pictures
  •  weather
  •  tone change
  •  screen flash
  •  fade in, fade out

This allows you to display animations in your scenes using basic eventing. If you can call a common event, you can take advantage of the event system.

It does not support character-based animations, however, since there are no characters outside of the map.


Script: download here
Required: Scene Interpreter


In the script editor, place this script below Scene Interpreter and above Main


Plug and play. See the instructions for Scene Interpreter for running events in scenes other than the map.

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4 Responses

  1. KaiSSeR_SK says:


    The script gives me this error. Even in a clean project…

    Line 149: NoMethodError Ocurred.

    undefined method `display_x’ for nil:NilClass

    Thanks so much!

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