Checking if any key is pressed


Recently I had needed a way to determine whether any key was pressed on the keyboard. This was because any key could potentially be used as an event trigger, and I didn’t want to assume anything about what those keys might be.

Without this check, the other safest way was to constantly execute the relevant methods, which may lead to reduced performance given a sufficient number of events on the map. Then I remembered there was a keyboard script available, which showed how to check the state of every key.

Using this idea, I could simply check if any of the keys were pressed, and set a flag as needed, and then provide that as a convenient script call.


Script: download here


In the script editor, place this script below Materials and above Main


To check whether any key is being pressed, use the script call


Which will return true if any keys are being pressed, and false otherwise.

This may not work for input devices other than the keyboard.

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  1. Backoffson says:

    Im probably dumb, but how exactly do I use this? Im making an event that will return to main menu when you press anykey, I put “Return to title screen” under “Input.any_key_pressed?” I imagine thats not how it works cus it didnt work for me, it just automatically returned to the menu. Again im probably just dumb but some help would be greatly appreciated!

  2. Zephadus says:

    I’ve recently discovered that this snippet conflicts with your Event Trigger Labels script.
    Any idea why that might be? It throws an error: “SystemStackError occurred. Stack level too deep.”

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