Enabling the RPG Maker Console


The RM console is one of my preferred debugging tools when it comes to RPG Maker scripting. You can print anything during the game to the console. Combined with scripts or script calls, you can use it to verify that everything is as you expect quickly without writing the data to a file, or using a bunch of msgbox calls.

Through the Editor

In RPG Maker VX Ace, the console is built into the editor. Simply pull up the Game menu in your editor and check the “Show Console” item:


Through Command-line

In RPG Maker VX Ace, the console can be attached by passing command-line arguments to the exe.

game.exe console

This approach enables you to show the console even if you’re not in playtest mode.

Through Scripts

Now, previous engines (such as VX and XP) do not support the console natively. Fortunately,  you can create a console and then attach it to the game using scripts.

Here is one such script: download here. Just add it to your project and you should see a console window. This also works for Ace, but since the editor already has it built in it isn’t as necessary.

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