Item and Equip Skills

The RMScript Idea series focuses on mechanics or functionality that I’ve thought of, potentially based on existing games that I have seen or played.

Equip skills are skills that are attached to your equips. When an actor wears an equip, that actor can use the skills that are attached to that equip. For example, equipping a Fire Rod allows you to cast a Fireball, while equipping an Ice Rod allows you to cast an Iceball.

The following is a list of mechanics that can be achieved with this script. Some mechanics may be incompatible with other mechanics, so you may choose to provide additional mechanics as add-ons to the base script.

Equip Skills

The simplest implementation of this idea is to indicate what skills an equip has. This can be done by note-tagging an equip with a set of skills.

Skill Mastery

This is a gauge that indicates whether the skill on an equip has been mastered or not. This can be achieved through any means such as earning points in battle, using the equip, using the skill, and so on.

Skill Learning

If skill mastery is implemented, you may choose to design it so that once a skill is mastered by the actor, the actor can use the skill without having to use that equip.

Individual Equip Skills

If you choose to include Instance Items in your project, you may choose to allow each equip to keep track of its own skills.

Skill mastery may be tied to the equip rather than the actor, so that once an equip has been fully mastered, you can allow others to use it without having to upgrade it themselves.

Random Equip Skills

Each equip might randomly generate a set of skills available from a pool of skills. This would provide some variety in your game since one Fire Rod might cast Fireball, but another Fire Rod might cast Fire Wall.

Skill Transfer

You can make it so that skills can be transferred from one equip to another. For example, if you master the Fireball skill that comes with a Fire Rod, you can potentially move it to a different equip that provides better stats.

Once a skill has been transferred, you may remove it from the old equip so that someone else using that equip won’t have access to the skill.

If skill mastery is involved, you might limit it to only skills that have been mastered.

Equip Skill Slots

Rather than allowing the player to transfer any number of skills to an equip, you may impose limits on how many “skill slots” an equip has. You may choose rarer equips to have more skill slots available, while more common equips have less slots.

Have an idea?

These are just some of the things I’ve thought of. If you have an idea that might be nice to see as a script, leave a comment!

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7 Responses

  1. skam says:

    I think it would be nice for people to have “Show Players/Hide Players” in menu or somewhere inside the game because many people do not like it and many do, its a good preference for them.
    srry bad grammar

  2. FifthPlanet says:

    An adventure game system

    Maybe a Tales of Monkey Island like system where a scene is called showing items and skills and you can select one that is stored in a variable or you can press another button to open another window just like it but with the item selected reduced by 1 or a skill selected greyed out, then the first is combined with the second and may result in something else that may consume one both or neither of the items, or may or not use up the skill costs involved.

    And maybe a system that allows for interaction modes that allows one to select a kind of interaction before interacting with an event so that you might talk to the event or looking at it, or picking it up and having some default common event occur if no option is made for it.

    An RPG Adventure combo is certainly on my list of things to make.

  3. FifthPlanet says:

    Quick time events (Press within this many frame, mash this much in this time, mash as much as you can in this time enter this sequence, press this or this for different effects / either as an event conditional branch or an action/dodge trigger in battle, it was done in VX but I don’t think anyone’s done it in ace, and I know a lot of people want it. any overdrive in FFX would be good too)


    Instance Items transforming into other items (Hot water turning cold after 1800 frames, Ice melting when in a certain region or if struck by fire, a pot plant growing into a new version of itself?)


    Passive skill Levels by experience (Proficiency, gained by anything from steps to using to being hit by)


    Emoticon Code, type a code into the message box to make an icon appear over the face box as an alternative to emosets.


    Mount event as a vehicle


    One minute… I’m thinking…


    Randomly spawn an event from a map onto one of several chosen spots, like placeholder events or a region


    Enemies actor and skills affected by the tag or region of the tile the player is standing on when the battle is initiated, or the event is standing on if battle is called by an on map event<>


    This took me four minutes to come up with and type, that’s all for now, this is surprisingly empty in comments for such a question. I run the Fifth Planet Freedom Project by the way.

  4. I always think about some script idea that would be nice with the istance items script.
    Like a “skyrim style” enchanted system and a “Final Fantasy X” style enchanted equipment system.
    Both compatible with the passive state script by Yanfly (so you can use passive state to add on actor when equip the enchanted weapon. It’s useful because with that you can use many effect of others script that add effects at states. I hope I write well because I’m not english ^^

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