User attack element modifiers

The Attack Element Modifiers script has been updated to support all database objects that supports features. This includes Actors, Classes, Weapons, Armors, States, and Enemies.

Now you can create a weapon that allows you to deal 50% fire and 50% physical damage, and apply that to all “normal” skills.

To summarize what the script does, it allows you to explicitly define attack element rates. For example, if you have a skill has a fire/physical damage element type, and you want it to inflict 30% fire damage and 70% physical damage, this script would calculate each element individually. So if you used it on a target that was immune to physical damage, your skill would still inflict 30% worth of fire damage.

The new update allows you to specify attack element rates for other objects. For example, suppose you equipped a Fire Sword that inflicted 30% fire and 70% physical damage. All skills/items with a normal damage element type would automatically deal 30% fire and 70% physical damage since the attack elements are based on the user’s equips.

This makes sense, because you can imagine slashing a slime with a fire sword should deal both fire damage and physical damage, and if the slime is immune to physical damage, you would still be able to deal some fire damage.

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