Changes in terms

Changes in terms of use for commercial projects are now in effect. For the most part you  will need to contact me if you’re planning to generate revenue from your project.

Most (not all) of the event- or database-related scripts will continue to be free for use in both commercial and non-commercial project as I believe making events and databases more flexible should be something anyone can have.

The changes will mainly affect larger scripts, such as the Party Manager and all related scripts, along with Inventory and Equipment related scripts.

The Effect Manager, Feature Manager, Shop Manager, and Command Manager will all require game developers to contact me if they wish to use them in commercial projects.  The plugins that require these scripts will be free to use.

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3 Responses

  1. Jake says:

    Is the “Map Screenshot” script still free for commercial?

  2. Oh… I guess that’s not too good news for others that uses most of your scripts… though I can think of why you chose to do this as those aren’t really easy to make anyways…

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