Transform Use Items

This script allows you to transform one item into others when the item
is used. The old item is consumed, and new items are added to your inventory.



Script: download here


Place this script below Materials and above Main


Tag items with

<transform use: ID amount condition>

ID is the ID of the item to add to your inventory
amount is how much will be given
condition is a formula that determines whether it will be added or not

When the item is used, you will lose the item, but then gain the specified
amount of new items. So for example

<transform use: 12 2>

Will give two of item 12 when the tagged item is used.

If you want to place conditions on whether the item will be transformed or not,
you can use a condition

<transform use: 12 5 s[1]>

This will only give item 12 if switch 1 is ON.

The following variables are available for your condition formula:

a - user of the item
p - current party
v - game variables
s - game switches

A single item can have multiple tags, and whenever the item is used, all of
those new items will be added.


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91 Responses

  1. Zack says:

    How do you use the a or the User of the item command? When I try to set it up so that’ll only work for a certain actor, it gives me an ‘undefined method’ []

  2. Waldo says:

    Very usefull thanks alot!!

  3. Tsukihime says:

    I have added the ability to specify conditions for the transform use. The condition must be met in order for the new items to be successfully obtained. If the condition is not met, then the item will simply be consumed as usual.

  4. Kevin Frost says:

    This script in ingenious! It’s now possible to make different containers made out of different materials, fill them with different things, and when they are used you still have the container! Yay! Thanks for this Tsukihime! You’re awesome!

  5. Mark McKeich says:

    It might overcomplicate it a little, but is there any way you could set up a variable based transform rate to go with the item tag?

    • Tsukihime says:

      I’m not sure what you mean can you give an example of what you are trying to achieve?

      • Mark McKeich says:

        Basically, within the script there’s a percentage rate of success that an item will indeed transform into another, that’ll be controlled by a variable.

        So by default let’s say it’s at 50 – then there’s a 50 percent chance items will transform. Change the variable up to 100 and then they’ll always transform.

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