Feature: Add Param

This feature allows you to increase or decrease your basic parameters. It is different from the built-in parameter feature as it allows you to specify numeric constants instead of percentages. If you want to increase your max HP by 200, then it will increase by 200.

In addition to constants, it also comes with support for formulas, so you can specify the parameter increase as a formula as well.


Script: download here
Required: Feature Manager


Place this script below Feature Manager and above Main


Note-tag an object with

<ft: add_param param_type value>

Where param_type is one of

mhp - max HP
mmp - max MP
atk - attack power
def - defense power
mat - magic attack power
mdf - magic defense power
agi - agility
luk - luck

And the value is a numeric constant (20, -40, etc) or a formula. The formula provides two special variables:

a - current subject (actor or enemy)
v - game variables

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12 Responses

  1. Varon1999 says:

    Hi Hime!
    Does this script also support stacking? I have 2 states that has same function like Increasing ATK by 50, if the actor has these 2 states active at the same time, can they stack?


  2. ChunkyLover53 says:

    Love the script! Just one question. Is there are way to get this to work with ex params and sp params? For example, have an item that grants critical evasion base on the critical hit chance an actor has.

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