Extending the event system

The built-in event editor is nice, but it can be better. I’ve put together several scripts that increase the flexibility of events and allow you to create more advanced events that previously may be impossible.

This post will list a couple scripts that I think will be useful. However, compatibility may not be guaranteed although I’ve tried to make them as flexible as possible.

Event Trigger Labels – Allows you to assign multiple action triggers to a single event page. Action triggers include different key presses as well as key item selection.

Parallel Pages – Allows you to set pages as “Parallel Pages”, which will be assigned to other event pages to be run concurrently. This is an extension of the page’s “move route” concept.

Common Event Arguments – Allows you to call common events and set extra arguments that the common event might use. You will need to use script calls, but this makes common events much more re-usable since now they can accept parameters.

End Phase Triggers – This is a simple add-on to the battle scene that forces the engine to do a final check after all enemies (or actors) have been defeated, whereas previously the battle end processing would occur immediately and ignore any last events that should be executed. Compatibility patches may need to be written for custom battle systems.

Page Note Conditions – This script adds additional page conditions in the form of ruby statements. It requires my Note Manager, but it allows you to assign page conditions independent of the event commands.

Extended Page Conditions – However, if you don’t want to use the Note Manager, this script allows you to reserve the first command of the page as an extra page condition.

Large Script Call – Interpreter sequential script calls as one large script call.

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