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Dainiri.Art creates graphics for RPGMaker MV

Terms of Use


For Commercial and Non-Commercial Use, unless otherwise stated.

Strictly for RPG Maker Engine use only, unless otherwise stated.

You may edit all resources to fit your needs just don't claim it as your own.

You cannot repost or share all edited version of this resources to any website, blogs, forum etc.

That includes using it for comments, reply, etc where people can directly download them.

If you wish to share this resources you can link them to this my site.

Do not use this resources to defame, slander, insult, harm, harass, bother, or molest others in any way.

Please give proper credit to Dainiri or Dainiri.Art

Also a free copy of your game would be nice (but not required).

If you do not agree to these terms please refrain from using all materials in this site.

©Dainiri.Art 2015



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