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Damage formulas by default are used in Skills and Items, and are primarily used to determine how much base damage the action will inflict.

The following formula variables are available:

  • a - user of the action
  • b - target of the action
  • v - game variables (equivalent to $gameVariables)

Common MV Formulas

Physical Attack: a.atk * 4 - b.def * 2 Every point of physical defense negates half a point of physical attack.

Magical Attack: 100 + a.mat * 2 - b.mdf * 2 Every point of magical defense negates a point of magical attack.

Percentage Factors

Another approach is to create a common damage formula, where a common attack is equal to the result of this formula. A scale of appropriate attack values can be created by multiplying this common damage formula by a percentage representing the potency of the skill. For example, a strong skill might be NORMAL ATTACK * 2.0, and a weaker skill might be NORMAL ATTACK * 0.5. This makes scaling skills easy, and avoids relying on random value additions.

Physical Attack: ((a.atk / b.def) * a.atk + a.atk - b.def) * 1.0 Magical Attack: ((a.mat / b.mdf) * a.mat + a.mat - b.mdf) * 2.0

Shared by Michael Morris from Res Judicata.

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