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What are ability scores?

Ability scores are your parameters for the game. They represent the core being of your character. How Strong you are, How smart you are, How much influence your character has, etc. In dungeons and dragons, your Parameters are as follows.

Strength (STR) How strong you are
Dexterity (DEX) How agile you are
Constitution (CON) How tough you are
Wisdom (WIS) How wise you are
Intelligence (INT) How smart you are
Charisma (CHA) How influential you are

These can easily replace the 6 parameters offered in the RMMV engine. In dungeons and dragons, your characters ability scores don't rise easily. Magically, they can, but permanent increases are harder to come by. By the rules, you gain 1 ability score point every 4 levels.

Determining Modifiers

To determine the ability modifier, which is the number you add to skills, attacks, etc, use this formula.

((Ability score - 10) / 2)

Ex. STR: 14 ((14 - 10) / 2) | 4 / 2 | STR Mod = 2

How to increase your ability scores

In dungeons and dragons, the player increases one ability score by 1 every four levels. This totals to 5 score increases over the 20 normal levels. For example, you are a fighter and you reach level 4. You'd probably want to increase your Strength or Constitution. This is tricky to implement, but doable, especially with one of Hime's plugins.

You will need to grab Hime's Level Up Events plugin to start.

You will need to create a common event for each character. For this example, I will be using my character, Lith. Start by installing the plugin. Just download it and put it in your js/plugins folder on your project. Next, go in game and click on on the green twin puzzle piece icon at the top (to the right of database). This should bring up the plugin manager. Next, find an empty slot, double click, and find the plugin you just downloaded (Level Up Events). Click on it and click ok. There is nothing to set up with this plugin so you are good to go.

Now you need to set up the common event. To make this easier, here is an image of the first part of the common event

Level up common event

Breaking it down. You will need to create a variable for all your characters. I named mine "Lith Ability Points" Have it be set to the level of the character its for every time they level up.

Next, create a conditional branch. Have it activate if the character's level = 4

When activated, have it offer a choice to player. Each choice slot will be one parameter. Make sure you turn off the option for them to cancel or else they could lose out on a parameter point.

Under each choice selection, have it increase the selected parameter by 1.

Finally, copy the entire conditional branch and paste it below the conditional branch. Change the activation to 8. Repeat this 3 more times, changing the activation to 12, 16, and 20.

You can spice up this common event to show character pictures and even a whole scene if you want.

now then, in order to finalize the process, you need to notetag the actor. Use the notetag <level up event: COMMON_EVENT_ID> and replace COMMON_EVENT_ID with the ID of your common event.

How to implement

STR: You want to use this for damage calculations for physical attacks. Add to your damage formula, for your attack, the formula I posted above in the Determining Modifiers. Your formula would look like this: a.weaponDamage() + ((a.atk - 10)/2)

DEX: You want to use this to help calculate your armor class as well as any attacks that require finesse (bows, rapiers, etc).

CON: This will help determine your HP. See the next section.

WIS: This is used when casting healing magic, or when perceiving stuff in your environment. Perhaps make a hidden door that can only be found with a character having a wisdom score of x.

INT: This determines bonus spells for wizards, languages your character can learn, and how many skill points your character gains each level.

CHA: This is how well you can get information out of someone, or how well people like you. Shopkeepers often give discounts to those with High Charisma.

Constitution and Intelligence

Constitution directly affects your HP while Intelligence can affect your spells per level. How we accomplish this is with a simple plugin.


This is a basic plugin. Its set up to modify HP based on the Constitution of the character. In this formula, I have constitution represented as MAT so if you do something different, make sure you change the javascript file. Intelligence is not set up on this version.