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Blue Booth Studios writes plugins for RPGMaker MV, and creates maps and articles. You may know me better as 'hvyblade' which was my moniker on blade2k prior to forming my own company.

Terms of Use

  • All scripts and plugins are free for non-commercial use.
  • Blue Booth Studios would prefer if you contacted them regarding commercial use to learn more about your project. We don't bite!


Blue Booth runs a Patreon where you can pledge a monthly amount to support and improve the development and maintenance of plugins and other materials. In return for your pledge, you will receive access to content that they offer, such as;

  • Permission to use any and all scripts and plugins commercially
  • Priority for plugin requests, feature additions, and commissions
  • Featured in videos
  • Royalty-free music to use in your non-commercial or commercial product
  • Personalized support
  • Mapping for your project ($50+)
  • Detailed advisory for your project ($100+)


Blue Booth is available to take commissioned requests for plugin development and for map design. Plugins are not offered exclusively, and this is reflected as a discount in pricing. The RPGMaker community, since it's very birth, has flourished off the sharing of content. Each developer has taken this content and arranged it in their own manner to come up with something new. Please help me to encourage this growth by placing non-exclusive requests.