Category: RGSS3

Custom Database 18

Custom Database

The “Custom Database” is an extended database that is stored with your save file. It stores any additional objects created during the game, and any changes to the “Game Database” which contains the default...

Equip Manager 27

Equip Manager

This script revises the way equipment slots are handled, as well as re-defining the built-in “equip type” system. You have full control over your equip slots and is not bound to the default slots.

Large Script Call 0

Large Script Call

While it would appear that the “call script” event command built into RM is meant for “small” script calls, inevitably you may end up wanting to make a script call that is just a...

Extending the event system 0

Extending the event system

The built-in event editor is nice, but it can be better. I’ve put together several scripts that increase the flexibility of events and allow you to create more advanced events that previously may be...