Category: Dev tools


Common Event Variables

This script automatically updates a set of “common event variables” throughout the game. The purpose is to make it easier for developers to design events that rely on information such as who used a...

Event Command Tree 0

Event Command Tree

This script converts a list of event commands into a tree representation. The basic usage is to allow developers to debug event-related scripts that modify event trees. Rather than having to write code to...

Custom Icon Sheets 34

Custom Icon Sheets

This script allows you to designate which icon sheet you want to draw your icon from. This allows you to organize your icons so that you don’t need to load one large iconset just to draw...

Counted Loops 0

Counted Loops

This script extends the interpreter by allowing you to create a “counted loop”. All commands inside a counted loop will repeat until you reach the total loop count.

Test Edit 33

Test Edit

This script allows you to test and edit your project at the same time. You can also reload changes made in the editor without having to close and restart the testplay. This should make...