Enemy Class


This script allows you to set up enemies the same way actors are set up using classes.

An enemy’s parameters are determined by their level, which is determined by the class parameter curves. You can set up your enemies strengths and weaknesses using its assigned class.

An enemy’s available actions are also determined by their class. In order to be able to use an action, they must have met the learning requirements for the class.


Script: download here
Required: Core – Enemy Levels


Place this script below Core – Enemy Levels and above Main


Assigning a class

To assign a class to an enemy, note-tag the enemy with

<enemy class: x>

Where x is the ID of the class to assign.

Setting up Parameters

Set up your enemies the same way you would set up your actors: assign a class, and then adjust the parameter curves accordingly.


Adding Enemy Parameters

By default, the enemy parameters are only used if no class is assigned.
However, if you would like to force the enemy parameters to use in addition
to the class parameters, note-tag an enemy with

<add enemy params>


Action Class Requirements

Enemy actions are set up as usual, but you can add class-related requirements to each action, such as having a certain level.



Changing classes

Enemy classes can be changed during battle using script calls:

change_enemy_class(enemy_index, class_id)

Where the enemy_index is the index of the enemy in the current troop, and the
class_id is the ID of the class you want to change it to.

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36 Responses

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  3. Kaylaweeta says:

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    from2325214cv https://google.com

  4. Ethan Hunter says:

    The script won’t download as a JavaScript. It downloads as a txt file

  5. Abagail says:

    Hey, is there a chance that I can check what the enemies class is?
    So like say it is set as class 48, could I check that then add that number (48 in this case) to a variable then later in my script say to check that variable then whatever that number is add the actor with the same number?

    • Hime says:

      You can use a script call for your “control variables” event command.

      $gameTroop.members()[NUMBER – 1].currentClass().id

      Where the NUMBER starts from 1, 2, 3, etc, and then you subtract 1 to get the array index.

  6. AllFenom says:

    Hello, nice script 😀 i was wondering if there is any way to equip the monster with weapons, so they fight with weapons like anyone with class would do. Thx for reading.

  7. RydiaMist says:

    Hi! I’m currently trying to create an attack similar to FFIX’s Dragon Crest, where the damage is based on the number of Dragon type enemies you have killed. Using your script, I’ve created classes for enemy types. What I basically need to know is how would I check an enemy’s class? I am simply adding a line to the method die in Game_Battler that would add 1 to a variable each time a Dragon type enemy is killed, but I’m not sure how to check the enemy’s class. I have tried self.class, but that didn’t seem to work, nor did @enemy_id.class.

    I know this is kind of outside the scope of the script, but thanks for any help!

    • Hime says:

      You should add this to Game_Enemy unless you actually want to include actor kills in the count. self.class.id and @class_id should both give you the ID of the class you want to use. You can then compare the class ID to the ID of the dragon class.

  8. Tomo says:

    This script works great! Sadly though it has one flaw..
    The <add enemy params> Doesn't work. Which is a damn shame since it was what made this script attractive to me. Anyways I hope it can get fixed despite it being this old.

  9. Dylan says:

    i have a class set up (26:Slime) but its not applying the class when i use the tag
    class: 26, im stumped.

    • Dylan says:

      i figured out what was wrong, in the script it says class: x, but its suppose to be enemy class: x

      • Dylan says:

        this si the error im getting

        script 'Game_battlerBase' line 187: NoMethodError occured.

        undefined method 'features' for #Array:0xb1f3564>

  10. Dugald says:

    Hi. I keep getting an error that reads
    Script 'Game_BattlerBase' line 187: NoMethodError occurred.

    undefined method 'features' for nil:NilClass
    when running both test battles from the database and actual battles during live play. Was wondering if there was anything in particular that caused this. I have enemies notetagged with classes and level formulae properly.

  11. Rhafa3l says:


    can you tell me whats wrong with mine? im really noob for scripting

    • Rhafa3l says:

      Never mind, it stuck with the boss hp script
      one more question, does the feature class (such as ex-param, etc.) not added as a feature of the enemy on that script? because mine doesnt, i had to add it into enemies features manually

      • Hime says:

        Doesn't seem like it. Which it should.
        I've updated the script to add class features as part of the enemy's features.

  12. Quick question. I love this, but I was wondering what the formula would be to alter a single stat.
    Let’s say I’d like to keep all the parameters the same as the set class, only double their HP or magic attack or something.
    Would that be something like

    or something to that effect? I’m not sure what to type for it.

    • Hime says:

      If you want to change specific params to use formuias I’m assuming you are using the enemy parameter formulas script. I’m assuming you want to use the base params, you’d say something like

      val * 2

      I updated it just now to support that.

      • That wasn’t quite what I meant, but I’ll lock this update to use another day.
        val takes the set base parameters that I put in for the enemies, right? I’m looking for a formula that will alter stats of an enemy who has had a class changed stats. Multiplied their stats based on their class stats. Like a level 10 Warrior only with double the attack of another lvl 10 Warrior.

        [enemy level]
        p.members.min {|actor| actor.level}.level+17
        [/enemy level]
        [max enemy level: 30]
        [enemy class: 15]
        [param formula: mhp (I’m not sure what to put here to make this work) * 2]

        • Hime says:

          The enemy class makes it so that the base parameter is pulled from the class, so the base value for a lvl 10 warrior would be different from the base value for a lvl 11 warrior.

          • When I use something like this:

            [enemy level]
            p.members.max {|actor| actor.level}.level+17
            [/enemy level]
            [enemy class: 15]
            [param formula: mhp val * 2]

            While this successfully makes them 17 levels above my party, and makes them the 15th class with their class stats, the “val” reverts to the original enemy stat in the general settings I had written in, instead of the overwritten class stats. It doesn’t seem to be pulling it from the class. Playing around with it only seems to end up with errors. I’m sorry if I seem like I just keep bugging you.

          • Hime says:

            I am unable to reproduce the issue. My slime has 999999 HP, and I use the formula “val * 2”. If it was using the enemy’s HP value, then I should expect at least 999999. However, the actual mhp I see is what I expect.

          • Okay, okay, I got it to work. instead of writing:

            [enemy level]
            p.members.max {|actor| actor.level}.level+17
            [/enemy level]
            [enemy class: 15]
            [param formula: mhp val * 2]

            I wrote the general setting for the enemy’s HP to be the base class hp manually, then wrote:

            [enemy level]
            p.members.max {|actor| actor.level}.level+17
            [/enemy level]
            [enemy class: 15]
            [param formula: mhp val + (p.members.max {|actor| actor.level}.level+17) * X]

            where X is the number of hp progression per level of the class * 2
            Though a round about way to do what I was trying to do, this works fine. Thank you for your time.

  13. halrawk says:

    Every day I come to your site I see something that makes my RPG making *WAY* easier! Thank you!

    • Hime says:

      That’s good. When I look at how some people implement their systems, I usually think if there’s a way to do it so that it requires much less effort.

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