Custom Main – Full Error Backtrace

This is a backup of Cidiomar’s full backtrace script since his blog is down indefinitely. The description below is copied from the original release thread.

This script helps with error handling showing full backtrace, so
you can find the root of the error easily. For ruby programmers,
a full backtrace is an basic feature, but RGSS3 lacks it. So I've
aprimorated mine and now I'm posting.

If you don't know what it mean, backtrace is the function stack
footprint, so whith this you can know where your script passed
and where is the error. RGSS3 shows only the error section and
line, but don't explain the function that called the one with
error and not the antecessors.


RGSS3 Normal Backtrace:


Full Backtrace with this Script:



Script: download here


Replace the Main script


Make sure your console is open.

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9 Responses

  1. Jatopian says:

    Hello Hime. First let me say thank you for the script, as it has been very helpful.

    However, while I haven’t managed to narrow down the exact conditions that cause this, under some circumstance it seems to lead to situations where windows, backgrounds, etc. are not cleared after pressing F12. So I am wondering if lines 8 to 15 couldn’t simply be replaced with the contents of the unaltered Main script: rgss_main { }

    I have made a pastebin if it is unclear what the result should look like:

    When I try this in projects, it seems to work fine and preserve the backtrace functionality, so I am wondering if there is some reason it should not be done. I assume you had some reason for rewriting this?

    • Jatopian says:

      And I need to apologize – mere minutes after posting this, I remembered you didn’t make this script. Well, I don’t see a way to remove my comment… but I’m not sure where I’d ask for help with this instead, anyway.

  2. estriole says:

    i’ve been looking for this! but then i found the link is down… thanks for posting this script hime :D.

  3. SoulPour777 says:

    This is a helpful tool indeed. I will be using this one someday.
    Thanks for this script. :3

  1. August 10, 2014

    […] you get an error thrown at you saying that something went wrong. If you’re using some sort of full stack trace script, it might even tell you where the error […]

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