Encounter Conditions


This script allows you to set conditions on whether a troop can be encountered,
or whether specific members in a troop will appear.

If a troop encounter condition is not met, then the troop will not appear.
Similarly, if a troop member encounter condition is not met, then the member will not appear in battle when you encounter the troop.


Script: download here


Place this script below Materials and above Main


Encounter conditions are simply conditional branch commands, with a comment before them specifying that it is an encounter condition. They can be created anywhere in a troop event page, in any page.


To specify a troop encounter condition, first create a comment:

<encounter condition>

Then create a conditional branch command. That will be treated as the troop encounter condition.

Troop member encounter conditions apply to the specific members in the troop.
The comment is similar to the troop condition, except you specify an index

<encounter condition: index>

Where index is the 1-based position of the enemy in the troop, so 1 would
be the first enemy, 2 would be the second, and so on. Then you create a conditional branch as usual.

Multiple conditions


If you would like to use multiple conditional branches, you would create your first conditional branch as usual, and then create additional conditional branches nested inside.

Negated Conditional Branches

To use a negated conditional branch for your encounter condition, simply add the tag into the comment:

<encounter condition> <negate condition>

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  1. Arsist says:

    This is good because it allows you to dynamically change the encounter rates.
    Like you could do ‘chance = 33; if $game_switches[1] == true then chance *= 1.25; rand(100)+1 <= chance.round’ and the like

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