Category: Events

Custom Event Triggers 48

Custom Event Triggers

This script provides additional event triggers. The built-in event triggers include Action Trigger Player Touch Event Touch Autorun Parallel Process This script provides additional triggers such as Player Leave, Event-to-Event, and Timer Expire


Event Followers

This script allows events to designate a “leader” that another character will follow. This could be the player, the current event, or any other event. Any characters following a leader will follow that leader...

Event Command Tree 0

Event Command Tree

This script converts a list of event commands into a tree representation. The basic usage is to allow developers to debug event-related scripts that modify event trees. Rather than having to write code to...


Custom Page Conditions

This script allows you to add custom page conditions to your events using comments and conditional branches. You can add an unlimited number of custom page conditions as long as your event page has room for...

Large Troops 10

Large Troops

This script allows you to “merge” multiple troops into a single troop. You will still set up each troop separately, but when the  game is loaded the troops will be merged together. This allows...